MVP International Transport SA , operates in the field of Road Transport and Sea Freight since 2001 , at the begging from and to Italy and Cyprus , while today rest European countries and Asia have been added to the service network.


The frequency, the fast and efficient service to cover the needs of costumers resulted in the establishment in the field of transportation.


MVP International Transport SA , is a member of Association of International Freight Forwarders & Logistics Enterprises of Greece (SYNDDE & L) since 2005.


The company is composed of collaborators capable and willing to meet the needs of customers and suppliers and in constant cooperation with specialized executives in the field of customs procedures, customs brokers, who can undertake responsible customs clearance of goods to its customers.


With primary and daily objective the immediate response to customers and also suppliers needs, wanting and retaining the good service in delivery time of goods and covering its customers both in the area of logistics and customs procedures.